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Can Medical Detox be Done Safely in a Sober Living Home?

Many sober living residences offer some degree of medical detox services for addictions, but how safe and effective is it for alcohol, opiates and benzos? If you or a loved one is trying to stop drinking or using drugs, addiction recovery housing and sober living...

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Why is Speed-Crystal Meth Addiction Prominent in Arizona?

Why is Speed-Crystal Meth Addiction Prominent in Arizona?

With drug addictions to heroin, painkillers and cocaine on the rise, it seems that here in Arizona crystal meth (speed) continue to be in the #1 spot. Less than a year ago, KTAR news reported that the use of methamphetamine and speed spiked in Arizona, surpassing that...

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How To Plan For Long-Term Addiction Recovery Success

With too many tales of relapse in Arizona, there are many practices to help with long-term addiction recovery from outpatient drug rehab to sober living homes… Arizona ranks second in the nation for drug overdose deaths with more than 20 deaths per 100,000...

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How to Make the Most of Your Recovery after Drug Rehab

Completing a drug rehab program is an accomplishment that should be continued with sober living & outpatient addiction treatment for long term recovery success… People who’ve been through addiction treatment agree that completion of an inpatient alcohol and drug...

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The Difference Between Drug Rehab and Sober Living Homes

Those suffering from addiction can benefit from treatment at drug rehab then transition to a sober living home to further their recovery and sobriety success.   While a client is enrolled in an inpatient substance abuse program, the staff to client ratio is much...

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