When comparing addiction treatment & sober living services throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, how does it compare to other cities & states nationwide?

Addiction Recovery and Sober Living Services in ArizonaOver recent years there has been enormous growth in such areas as sober living homes (also referred to as addiction recovery residences), drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, medical detox and so forth. Here in Arizona, and more specifically within Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ (and other smaller cities within Maricopa County), the growth has likewise been quite staggering. Add to that the reality of the nation’s debilitating opioid epidemic and it’s no wonder the need for recovery services is so profound.

We are often times asked by clients or their families how Sobriety Experience Sober Living Homes and Addiction Treatment Services compares to other like services & facilities elsewhere across the country. First off, when considering the options throughout Arizona and Maricopa County (primarily referring to Scottsdale and Phoenix), there is no question that the slew of available options with respect to sober living and addiction recovery is quite plentiful. However, as compared to larger regions, such as Los Angeles or Orange County California for instance, there is no doubt that the availability of options there is greater than that of Arizona.

It is also important that we highlight the different types of sober living homes and addiction recovery residences, as well as which types tend to be more common in certain areas. When it comes to sober living and transitional recovery housing, they generally fall into the following segments:

  • Least expensive and generally low structure – These recovery environments often times charge fees on a weekly rather than monthly basis, and are geared for those who do not require a high level of care.
  • Mid-level and mid structure – .These places can often times suffice for those who may not be entirely ready to get back into the swing of employment or school, but that are also functional to the point of not needing constant oversight.
  • High structure – These types of recovery homes can almost act as an affordable alternative to traditional inpatient drug-alcohol treatment.
  • Executive or luxury type residences – These are most common in areas of high affluence and can actually cost many thousands of dollars per month!
  • High structure/PHP/IOP treatment – These residences are essentially used as housing facilities for PHP (partial hospitalization) and IOP (intensive outpatient) drug & alcohol treatment programs.


Each of the above mentioned types of sober livings and recovery residences tend to be inherent to certain regions, largely based on socio-economic aspects. For instance, while Scottsdale, Arizona generally offers more upscale types of sober living residences, it is more common to see the affordable types of environments throughout Phoenix, Mesa, etc. From a national perspective, places like Malibu and Newport Beach, CA have many executive and luxury based sober living homes that can actually charge in excess of 8 to even 10 thousand dollars per month!

In the final analysis, when you consider the size and population of Arizona and its main cities and counties, there is no question that it can very much contend with the array of addiction recovery options seen in more prominent states like California and Florida. It is certainly true that one is likely to see much fewer options in cities like Tucson and Flagstaff, but looking at Maricopa County and its primary cities, the options are most certainly plentiful.

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