With the advent of upscale, luxury and executive sober living homes and recovery houses, how exactly do they compare with lower costing options?

Upscale Luxury Sober Livings in Phoenix and Scottsdale ArizonaSobriety Experience offers a structured and upscale sober living environment that simultaneously allows clients the liberties of independent living to foster a healthy sober lifestyle.  It is a recovery housing facility that not only offers beautiful amenities but also the structure needed to help individuals succeed in early sobriety. The Sobriety Experience is effective, affordable and upscale housing in the Scottsdale, Phoenix and Arizona Valley areas.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a sober living home and it can be easily overwhelming given the sheer number of addiction recovery homes, especially in and around Arizona. Remember this, the process of sober living housing is incredibly important for those of whom are new in their recovery from addiction or alcoholism. This initial period, generally immediately following some type of inpatient or residential drug treatment program, is the period in which the individually gets to effectively practice changing the way they live from day to day.

The following things and questions should be taken into careful consideration:

  • Sober living facilities can cost anywhere from $500 -$5000 per month.  It is important to know not only what your budget is, but also what is included in the cost of rent.
  • Is the sober living home affiliated with local outpatient treatment programs, therapists, psychiatrists and doctors? Is the cost of residing at the residence impacted if you participate in an outpatient treatment program?
  • LOCATION: Addiction recovery homes centrally located with convenience to public transportation or within walking distance of most amenities may be necessary to consider if you don’t have a car. You may also want to consider residing in a totally new environment to get away from old people, places and things.  Take the neighborhood into consideration as well.  Ask if the sober living offers transportation.
  • Is the sober living home affiliated with local outpatient treatment programs, therapists, psychiatrists and doctors? Is it supportive of medication assisted treatment?
  • Random drug and alcohol testing. Ensure the facility provides frequent and random drug and alcohol testing to help with accountability.
  • Are there 12-step meeting requirements?  If so, how many meetings are mandatory per week?
  • Are there certain hours that individuals have to be out of the sober living home?
  • What is the curfew both during the week and on the weekends?
  • How many people live in the residence? How many people share a bedroom?  How many per bathroom?
  • Are you required to work full-time? What if you have a work-from-home job?  Will the sober living home allow you to work from there?
  • It’s important to find a sober living home that implements rules and regulations and mandate that residents maintain a routine.
  • Is the home able to quickly handle situations in which someone relapses, or one that is organized in such a way that no one is left with an increased burden, reduces stress and drama, some of the external factors that can trigger drug and alcohol cravings?
  • Is there an on-site resident manager?


Once you get the answers to your questions, choosing the right sober living home will come naturally.  There are many lower costing and non-upscale recovery options, but many of them are located in “not the best neighborhoods” and do not help foster individual short and long-term growth.  It is critical to think of the bigger picture and remember that you are worth investing in!

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