View and tour our one-of-a-kind male sober living homes and addiction recovery residences – where men discover new lives in sobriety!

Comfortable Men’s Sober Living

The Sobriety Experience welcomes men of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking a serene place for recovery. Our men’s sober living homes are designed to provide our male clients with a safe and comfortable environment where they are free to express themselves without typical life distractions. Here you will have the support as well as structure to maintain a life of sobriety.

Recovery in a gender specific sober living home has been found to facilitate your sobriety by allowing you to focus on your recovery and diminish obstacles. You will have the opportunity to forge new healthy relationships and create bonds that will help you maintain a sober and happy lifestyle.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Affordable Men’s Sober Living

Men experience addiction differently than women and as such have different needs while in recovery. Men tend to struggle with anger issues, depression, anxiety and defiance issues. In order to get to the root cause of the addiction, The Sobriety Experience provides a safe place for men to communicate their feelings. You will have the freedom, structure and support to build a better, healthier and happier you!

The strong recovery community offered by The Sobriety Experience can help ease your transition into your sober life. You will be amidst a caring and dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to facilitate your recovery and provide a great Sobriety Experience!

Our Starfire location is conveniently located on public transportation routes, is walking distance to shopping centers and recovery meetings, and has gorgeous views of a golf course right in the back yard. The Starfire location also houses 9-10 men depending on availability. 



Scottsdale, Arizona

Our “Cactus” location is located near 60th street and Cactus Road, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It houses up to 9 males, single room availability depending on census. It features a beautiful pool, open kitchen area, and an outdoor barbeque for client use. All our men’s homes include utilities, wi-fi, and cable television. This location is great for men who have their own transportation or ability to get to public transportation, such as a bike or scooter. The nearest public transportation is about a mile 1 mile away. 


Scottsdale, Arizona

The Sobriety Experience is a leading option for effective and affordable sober living & addiction recovery housing in and around the Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona Valley → 480-744-0095 



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