Online Credit and Debit Card Payments for Sober Living

As you look around through the many sober living and addiction recovery housing options in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, the one common denominator you will see, almost across the board, is the reality that very few of them accept credit or debit cards for payment of services.  Whether looking at it from a clinical or non-clinical perspective, the fact is that nearly all of them only accept cash or check for payment.

Sobriety Experience not only accepts credit and debit cards for payment of services, but we also offer an additional service that enables families, loved ones, friends, etc. to transfer funds to Sobriety Experience clients through our online payment card portal.  So for instance, rather than sending cash or a check through the mail, or spending insane service fees by way of MoneyGram or Western Union, you can now pay for sober living and addiction recovery housing services and at the same time add an additional amount that will be given to the client for spending money or otherwise.

REFUND & CREDIT POLICY: In accordance with industry standards, Sobriety Experience does not provide refunds for any matter involving a client’s discharge, willfully or non-willfully. Examples of this might be: a client violates a rule and is required to leave the residence, the client chooses to leave prior to having lived out his/her already paid time, or a prospective client pays initial payments but decides to ultimately not move in. In some cases, however, we may offer some level of credit for a future stay. These instances are assessed on a case by case basis.

PLEASE NOTE: When paying on behalf of someone else, card holder will need to enter their information in the payer section, including payer’s name, address, and card detail to ensure charge processes correctly, name, billing address (including zip code), and security code must match for payment to go through. Client name should be entered under resident, this will ensure that we can match payments made by 3rd parties to the client upon intake. Failure to do this may result in incomplete admission or charge being denied. Using someone’s card without authorization, is a crime, Sobriety Experience reserves the right to persue legal action against any fraudulent charges. 



Pay for Sober Living and Addiction Recovery Housing in Arizona with Credit-Debit Cards


We have teamed with CashBox Payment Solutions to offer such conveniences while also utilizing the latest in online payment security. This system strictly adheres to the very latest in PCI (Payment Card Industry) security technologies.

In line with our reputation as being among Arizona’s leaders in sober living housing and addiction recovery services providers, we proudly offer this new online payment portal to all clients and all services offered by our organization.

In order to use this system it requires an initial one-time registration process (for increased security) which takes only a moment or two. With all subsequent payments, simply log in and either use the card on file or enter a secondary card if preferred. The payer will generally receive an email receipt (to the email on file from registration) within 5 minutes following successful transaction.

We are here for you 7 days a week with any questions whatsoever at (602) 654-2149.


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