The Sobriety Experience is different from other recovery homes in the way it offers a structured sober living environment with core elements and liberties of independent living to foster a healthy recovery lifestyle. The recovery community that has been created at The Sobriety Experience is a fun and supportive culture that makes our clients enjoy and maintain their decision in becoming clean and sober.

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“Not just another recovery home, but a true experience in early sobriety that sets a foundation for long-term success over drug & alcohol addictions!”


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Our name says it all! Sobriety Experience is not simply a sober living home, but rather a safe and serene place for people in recovery. Being a leading voice here in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ, we provide clients with the utmost support and structure that allows them to focus on their recovery and build a fulfilling sober life. Our support extends further than your typical sober living in where we will do mini-interventions when addictive behaviors arise. We are also one of the few sober living homes in Arizona who support medication assisted therapy and work intimately with the prescribing provider to ensure success.


We require our clients to make five to seven support meetings when they don’t have a job and three to five support meetings if they are currently employed. We support our clients going to either 12 step meetings, Smart Recovery, Landmark Forum, Celebrate Recovery, continued intensive out-patient groups (IOP), individualized one-on-one therapy, evidence-based therapy, holistic therapy or organized religious activities. Many of our clients participate in a combination of the various methods used to recover to broaden their experience in recovery.


The Sobriety Experience sober living homes are staffed by House Managers who take pride in guiding people in early recovery. Our professional staff have successfully transitioned from addiction to recovery as former clients. Our clients benefits from our staff’s first hand knowledge and experience to help and inspire them in their recovery. We hold our clients accountable for remaining sober through random drug screening and breathalyzer testing. The Sobriety Experience staff promotes a culture of helping, healing and happiness.

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Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona


Sober Living Homes in Scottsdale Arizona
Sober Living Homes in Scottsdale Arizona

The Sobriety Experience is a leading option for effective, affordable and upscale sober living & addiction recovery housing in and around the Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona Valley → 480-744-0095 


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