Sober Living vs Transitional Housing
Recovery Homes vs Drug Rehab

Sober Living vs. Addiction Recovery Homes vs. Drug Rehab

With so many options available here in Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona, how can one discern between sober living homes, recovery housing, drug rehab, etc?

Comparing Sober Living Homes to Halfway Houses in Scottsdale & Phoenix, ArizonaWhen it comes to understanding what course of recovery option is best for you or that someone you care about, it is important to first understand the terminology and how it varies from region to region. Out here in Arizona, for instance, when describing the aftercare housing process (after leaving a drug rehab or treatment program), it is very common to hear the words “sober living” and “addiction recovery homes.” However, in areas throughout the Midwest and East Coast you might hear those types of recovery residences described as being “halfway houses” and “3/4 way homes.” These terms are often times used interchangeably with one another, though there can be distinct qualities unique to each one, especially when considering smaller details pertaining to such things as, level and type of structure, house rules, meeting and curfew requirements, etc.

A big differentiation between these types of recovery residences has to do with quality of living, structure and cost. Generally speaking, you might expect to see more upscale and even some luxury type sober living homes in more affluent regions, such as here in Scottsdale, AZ as compared to maybe places like Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, etc. This isn’t to say that the odds for long-term success in sobriety are necessarily higher in these more upscale residences versus the more affordable recovery homes, but there definitely can be an overall higher quality environment which, can create a more positive environmental effect on the client’s early recovery process. There is a common misconception however, that upscale sober living homes are always very high priced, which definitely can be the case, but there are many exceptions, such as with here at Sobriety Experience, which provides comfortable sober living housing services at or around $1,000 per month! We do not have bunkbeds and do not cram more people in a room to increase profits. 

What’s the Best Course of Recovery for Me?

For many drug addicts and alcoholics, starting their recovery in a residential, PHP or IOP drug rehab setting is imperative; they simply cannot seem to get that first 30 days clean without a temporary displacement or loss of freedom. Yet for others, moving into a structured and well-run sober living home/recovery residence can be sufficient, especially if they have ongoing responsibilities such as work, school, etc.

Most important is that the client has a plan of action! Once again, comparing Arizona (specifically Scottsdale & Phoenix,AZ) to many other areas around nation, addicts and alcoholics in recovery out here are often afforded luxuries and services that may be less commonly seen elsewhere. For instance, some sober livings and recovery residences in AZ, especially the more established ones, will also offer a higher level of clinical care for those requiring add-on substance abuse and/or mental health treatment services. This is often referred to as “PHP” or “IOP” drug & alcohol rehab services. For many, this also offers a much more affordable alternative to the often high priced residential or inpatient drug treatment center option.

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