Completing a drug rehab program is an accomplishment that should be continued with sober living & outpatient addiction treatment for long term recovery success…

People who’ve been through addiction treatment agree that completion of an inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program followed up with continuous aftercare—a sober living residence, an intensive outpatient program, and meetings will help increase long term sobriety success.

4 Amazing Ways You Can Improve Your Recovery after Inpatient Drug Rehab

  1. Positive attitude. Bring that–plus your suitcase–to your stay at a sober living residence. Whether you choose one in Scottsdale, Arizona, or elsewhere, it is key to positive results. Although you have already spent a month or more at inpatient drug rehab, 3-6 months at a sober living residence will dramatically improve your likelihood of maintaining sobriety and long-term recovery.

  3. Learn new thought patterns and behaviors. While you’re at sober living, do everything you can to be a good house mate, a good friend, and a support to others. That means participate in the life of the house by showing up for meetings or shared activities like meals. Adhere to the rules, like curfew or tobacco use policies. Be considerate. Do all those things that you just might have neglected when you were actively in your alcohol and drug addiction—prior to your stay at the inpatient addiction treatment center. Did you know that cognitive-behavioral research shows that the way you behave changes your beliefs, and that the way you think affects your mood?

  5. Stay with the program. You just left inpatient addiction treatment, but you’re not done. Intensive outpatient treatment is an important part of aftercare. It’s medically supervised. It’s therapeutic. It’s individual sessions plus group work. These 3 hours/day, 3 days/week are the most important complement to your sober living experience. Make the most of your intensive outpatient treatment. Ask questions of the care team. Listen. Do the required exercises, use the work books, or keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings.

  7. Prepare for your wonderful lifetime in recovery. Whether 12-step, SMART recovery, or another peer-support program, you just must! Peer support after drug rehab is central to post-addiction treatment life. You learn to be accountable to others, build relationship skills, and replace unhealthy behaviors that accompanied your alcohol or drug addiction with positive ones. You’ll need friendships with others who are on this journey.

After inpatient drug rehab, a sober living residence an intensive outpatient program, and meetings can lead to long-term sobriety and lifetime recovery. To learn more about how you can make the most of your recovery after drug rehab, please contact Sobriety Experience of Scottsdale, Arizona at 480-744-0095.

The Sobriety Experience is a leading option for effective and affordable sober living and addiction recovery housing in and around the Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona Valley → 480-744-0095 



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