With so many sober living homes and other addiction recovery & housing services popping up here in Arizona, how can you tell the good from the bad?


Upscale Sober Livings and Addiction Recovery Homes in Scottsdale, ArizonaIt’s no secret that Arizona and cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix are considered major hubs nationwide for addiction treatment services. In fact some of the country’s finest drug & alcohol rehab centers are right here in Arizona! But as the competition builds and as more and more sober living homes and other addiction recovery housing services pop up, how can one best differentiate the good from the bad? And with prices soaring and health insurance companies paying less and less for substance abuse treatment, how can one best ensure their out-of-pocket dollars are well spent on effective sober living, addiction treatment or recovery housing services?

The fact of the matter is this: many sober living homes, drug treatment centers and/or addiction recovery services have been known to stretch the truth on their websites, and that’s just an unfortunate reality this day in age. In fact here in Arizona, and specifically throughout Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding areas there have even been task forces and news reports on some of these unfortunate practices. That said, we have a list of a few things to consider prior to choosing a sober living home or other addiction recovery related services

  1. Be sure to search online for reviews, complaints and testimonials. Seeing reviews on the company’s actual website is fine and all, but remember that these can be very easily fabricated. And also keep in mind that it is very common to see 1 or 2 complaints when considering addiction treatment or sober living housing services, because people at times will relapse and will thus be asked to leave the program. And unfortunately these individuals, generally while not in a very stable mindset, will tend to lash out at the world for their own doings and misfortunes.
  2. Speak in depth with the person answering the phone and have a set of questions ready to ask him or her. Not only that, but have your preferred answers to each question already in tact so that you have a good barometer of what you want or hope to hear in response to each of your questions. Keep an ear for the person trying to sell you on their treatment center or sober living residence, and try to recognize whether he or she is directing you in that which best serves your loved one or their business.
  3. Ask them what they offer to their alumni. Do they have ongoing alumni support services or sober activities? Do their alumni come back to speak at house meetings or offer other supportive services to their current client? The point here is to see how active and vibrant their alumni are, because ONLY sober people take part in alumni activities, and that means their program graduates tend to stay sober, at least to some healthy degree.


There is a obviously a lot more that could be said about Arizona’s addiction recovery & treatment industry, and these insights apply to anywhere in the country, not just Arizona! It just happens however, that Scottsdale and Phoenix happen to be ripe with sober living and treatment options, and with comes both good and the occasional bad players

Here at Sobriety Experience we do all we can to ensure our client’s long-term recovery success! We even team up with some of the region’s top substance abuse treatment programs and services to offer higher levels of care on an as-needed basis, of which are customized to the client’s specific needs. We strive to be much more than just another sober living homes, and we consistently reach such goals through unwavering dedication and unbridled experience among our wonderful and caring staff!

To learn what is best for you or your loved one in terms of drug rehab and/or sober living homes, please contact Sobriety Experience at (602) 654-2149.

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